Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"back like its tha first time!"

Wassup peeps? Sorry I know I've been lagging on my daily blogs but its kinda hard when your life is all about your kids or should I say kid! My son is 10 months now, and he's almost walking..time is just passin me by so fucken fast dood faaaaack!!!! Anyways I'm just glad that Caine Velasquez fucked up Brock Lesnar and won tha championship title! Caine dominated that match,well deserved!
Now as far as tha import scene..there's nothing better than to see a nicely stanced whip! Now by nicely stanced, I don't mean that u have to have wide wheels with stretched tires,it just means that your whip has to be sittin proper. If u don't know what proper is check out all tha pics on my previous blogs or check out! Mad props to all tha photographers and to all tha owners of dope whips! Peace!