Thursday, August 5, 2010

" slamm ur shit already jon!"

That's what everybody keeps tellin me! Trust me I know what its like to be ridin real low all day everyday. My whips in tha past were all slammed! And to tell u tha wasn't very glamorous! Lol! Every little thing in tha road I had to swerve and miss it! Because if I hit a fucken ant my front lip would get owned!!!! Oh well these days I prefer to be low but not too low .. Jus enough so there's no huge gap between my fenders and tires. I guess its what tha teens call "moderately low" lmfao! There's two types of people in this world..those who luv to ride slammed and those who are pussies! Ha ha .. If I'm a pussy then eat me hater! I keep it grown and sexy! But u never know..I might feel foolish one of these days and just slamm tha fwuack out of my whip! Til next time .. Have a beautiful day..fml!!!!