Monday, May 31, 2010

"dont tell me what your going to do,tell me what you have done"

Dont you hate when mafuckaz be like "yee umma get this and umma get that" for their cars and shet. Like 3 years later they still havent done a damn thing to their whip. Im like damn dood what happened with getting a new motor or getting those new wheels you were gonna copp or that suspension you were gonna get???? Too many damn facken flakes in this game man. Seriously, dont tell me your gonna copp all this shet and your whip still looks tha same wtf???? Just do tha damn thing already ya digg? I just dont get it..I mean when i tell peeps what im gonna do to my whip,a few weeks later i really fucken do it! Sometimes when tha cash flow is low, i tend to take a little longer but i still manage to get whatever it is that i want done! Don't get me wrong my life is pretty good, im very thankful for what i have and all but im not rich!!!! I wish!!!! And im not a spoiled little bitch that just get whatever they want because their parents pay for it! I work and pay for my own shet so dont get it twisted! Anyways enough of small talk and lets get to tha pics..enjoy!

i luv this 4 door ef

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lavish Garage for tha Rich part 2

Check out some of these ridiculously pimped out garages! FML dood!!!!

This shet is fresh!

Can you imagine coming home to this? Facken baller!

Just simply dope!

WOW! Must be nice..

You know you've made it when theres a fackin Lambo in your living room..

I recently cleaned out my garage like a couple weeks ago but my garage doesnt even compare to these Lavish works of Art. Til next time ..

"low what makes tha world go round!"

Dope Rolling shot of this S2K..


Personally low offset wheels are not for me,but to each is own! I have to admit low offset wheels if executed perfectly..that shit looks dope!!!! Tha times have changed and evolved. It seems like having +40 offset wheels are tha thing of tha past. These days you gotta be rollin with your wheels lookin like there about to fall off lol! Shit looks kinda funny to me..but whatever floats your boat then go for it! Here's some pics of some whips with low offset wheels,enjoy my friends!

This one's for you Juan ha..

This EK Hatch is dope! Im diggin tha purple works,nice touch!

Im really jockin this rsx! Awesomeness!

Mikey's old DC..I wonder where this shet is now????


Of course Arnel's EG..Seen this whip a few dozen times at Eibach,shit it tits!

Me likey!