Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its Been A long Time ..

Oshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Damn its been a long asss time since ive posted a new blog!!!! Ya'll prolly wonderin like wtf dood???? Sorry boys and girls daddy has been busy .. u know doin tha whole family guy thang. Damn my son is already 4 months .. time really fucken fly's! i dont even know what to blog about right now..im jus booshittin..my son is in tha background yellin and screamin lol. i have to feed him at 630. Anyways how tha fuck is everybody doing? Hopefully good, im just chargin my ipod so i can walk my dog later..my fatass wants to lose a little weight ya digg???? i have a little project im working on right now but cant really say.. with that i leave you with one of tha hottest em2 civic pics i've seen on tha net.. props to OKARL and his fresh whip! Enjoy.. Peace!