Thursday, December 23, 2010

"its that time of tha year again .."

Well boys and girls, its almost x-mas, another crazy year has come and gone so soon! Tha leaves are already frail and yellow from falling off tha trees and all my beer in tha fridge is almost gone DAMN IT! I need more beer! This year my son turned one,his B-Day was actually yesterday! Times are changing, we just have to make tha best of it, by loving those close to you and by being loving to those who are not.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"back like its tha first time!"

Wassup peeps? Sorry I know I've been lagging on my daily blogs but its kinda hard when your life is all about your kids or should I say kid! My son is 10 months now, and he's almost walking..time is just passin me by so fucken fast dood faaaaack!!!! Anyways I'm just glad that Caine Velasquez fucked up Brock Lesnar and won tha championship title! Caine dominated that match,well deserved!
Now as far as tha import scene..there's nothing better than to see a nicely stanced whip! Now by nicely stanced, I don't mean that u have to have wide wheels with stretched tires,it just means that your whip has to be sittin proper. If u don't know what proper is check out all tha pics on my previous blogs or check out! Mad props to all tha photographers and to all tha owners of dope whips! Peace!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"pondering my next move"

So what up everybody? Sorry I know its been a long time since I've posted a new blog but I've been really busy with work and just being a father. Just pondering what imma do next to my whip..I really don't have any new plans for it but I know that I want sideskirts pretty soon. That's my next mod imma do fersure! Fasho fasho imma get that fasho! Haha! Well anyways that's about it for me..I'll have new pics up soon I promise! But for now stay cool doods peace!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

" slamm ur shit already jon!"

That's what everybody keeps tellin me! Trust me I know what its like to be ridin real low all day everyday. My whips in tha past were all slammed! And to tell u tha wasn't very glamorous! Lol! Every little thing in tha road I had to swerve and miss it! Because if I hit a fucken ant my front lip would get owned!!!! Oh well these days I prefer to be low but not too low .. Jus enough so there's no huge gap between my fenders and tires. I guess its what tha teens call "moderately low" lmfao! There's two types of people in this world..those who luv to ride slammed and those who are pussies! Ha ha .. If I'm a pussy then eat me hater! I keep it grown and sexy! But u never know..I might feel foolish one of these days and just slamm tha fwuack out of my whip! Til next time .. Have a beautiful day..fml!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"MMMM..chicken adobo"

For you guys that dont know,chicken adobo is one tha most popular dishes in tha philippines! I fucken love chicken adobo..I will kill somebody for touching my adobo dood! Well maybe not kill..but I would be really pissed off! It truely is my favorite food of all time and i love all types of food but none even come close. All i need is a big ass pot of chicken adobo and a shit load of white rice and im good!

Damn im gettin hongry..

Spicy Fried Chicken Adobo is bomb! FML!

Chicken Adobo recipe:
1 whole chicken(cut into eighths)
1 whole garlic chopped
olive oil or vegetable oil
1 tsp ground black pepper
4 whole black pepper cloves
3 dried bay leaves
1 cup soy sauce
1 cup white vinegar

Now start cookin!

Keepin it clean..

With all tha hella flushed whips that we've seen on tha web..sometimes we forget how just keepin it simple looks like! Here's a prime example of how simple and clean goes hand in hand!

These Enkei NT03+M's in 17*7.75 look really clean on this really diggin tha color combo
The owner slammed it on skunk2 pro s full coilovers..FML!
Props to for tha fresh pics

"Here we go again dood,FUCK!!!!"

So my homie Chris just got done taking off my skunk2 pro-s from tha front of my whip cuz we forgot to put those little rubber rings between tha top every time i would make a turn my spring would rub against tha top hat! Metal to metal is no good! That noise was really bugging tha fuck out of me!!!! Thanks skunk2 for putting that down on their instructions!
here is that little rubber piece from my stock suspension..FML!

It goes right under tha top now tha spring fits snug and it eliminates that annoying creeking sound while turning..

It took us about 3 times to finally get it right..but now im riding tha way i should be! My only suggestion is if you ever decide to buy skunk2 pro s..make sure to put those rubber rings on before hand to save you tha frustrations of having to go back and re-do it again! Plus those rings act as a cushion for tha spring..thats all for now peace!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


If its hott..of course imma slap it on here! So enjoy tha heat..

this is one hott wagon..jus my 2 cents

god damn..


i wanna hit that from tha back..

OUCH!!!! that burns!!!!

Gold wheels on a silver whip is hott!

wish i had an hott!

This ef is fuckin hott!!!! propz to tha owner! Tha way an ef should look..

wanna ride in my van? Fuck i would drive this shit every where!

one of tha hottest eg's out there today..

Hott em2..

Here u go Brian..hottness!!!!

Thats enough hottness for now..til next time!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Jus kick it"

Well a couple of my homies came by my pad to jus kick it and chill for awhile..tha homie Randy slammed tha front all tha way down on his ek coupe..looks way better dood! Makes me want a 96 ek coupe for myself. I test drove my homie Juan's em2, to check out how his Tein Basic full suspension feels like..and i gotta say i like it! Feels really smooth! Just slang me your front lip already man! I need it!!!! Finally my son fell asleep,oh man was he grouchy! Feels good to jus kick it at my house..i'll stop blabbing away now, peep tha pics! peace!

clean ass ek hatch

This whip makes me miss my old eg :(

i've always luv'd this ek..havent seen it in awhile i wonder if tha owner still has it?

nice color combo..

Gotta be one of my favorite EM2's of all time so far..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"wish i had a slammed vw bug"

one of my fave's..this v-dub is jus simply sexy!


mmmm creamy goodness!

bugs look dope in blue

this shit is fresh!