Thursday, December 24, 2009


I cant believe it doods! im a fucken daddy now! my son Damien was just born 3 days ago! I cant really explain it..i guess you dont really know how it feels until it happens to you! So far ive only been getting a few hours of sleep, but it feels good to know that with all the hard work and the late restless nights your doing something to change the world for a better future! At least thats how i feel but you can feel totally different! Who am i to judge? All i know is that we've been blessed with a handsome little fella! And we love him very much! Its kinda funny how your whole thought process changes after having a baby. I see a shit load of things in a totally different light now.. Its really not about me or my girl anymore but its all about my little man ya digg????
Well its Christmas tomorrow im so excited! Our first Christmas as a family! Crazy how time passes you by!
Funny how i had to learn how to wipe my own ass and now im wipin my sons lol!!!! Im just on my grown man shit.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"A Collection of Tha Sol'

Del Sols are a rare breed..
its very rare that i see one driving on the road..but when i do see a clean one.. i get excited! Im serious i rarely see these Gems! Not even stock ones.. maybe once awhile i'll see a little old lady driving one. I've always wanted to build one of these.. maybe one day! I would want a black one! Maybe slap some white powdercoated HX wheels and slam it and call it a day. Nothing too fancy, just real clean and simple styling! Thats why i had to put these pictures up on here to show examples of clean shit! Well enjoy these pics, and thank you for reading, peace!

Friday, November 27, 2009

"Hod damn,its a new day"

Up to 134 million americans will hit the stores by this sunday!
Our economy is still sluggish at the moment with a double digit unemployment, most people are just happy to be still working. This year I'm more focused and even more determined to save money and spend more accordingly.
If I don't need it why buy it? I might want it, but do I really need it? I haven't even bought a cd for a long time.. What's the point when music is too watered down! I need more flavor in my drink ya dig!? Anyways remember when I told you guys that I went to Best Buy to wait in line for the Black Friday Sales? Well folks..we now have two new laptops! Waiting there kinda sucked but it was well worth it..I guess good things come to those who wait..that's it for now, more new blogs coming soon!

"Black Friday Special"

Damn I've never once in my life thought that I would be waiting in line in front of a Best Buy to satisfy my need for a new product,such as a new laptop or a new camera. But guess what? Yupp I'm here with my chair and a blanket cuz its freezing balls out here! But I do need a new laptop.. And in order to receive I must give..(No homo)
Hopefully this is all worth it in the end!

I will keep you posted if I do get a new laptop.. for now enjoy the comforts of your home while I sit here in 30 degree weather waiting ..
Peace ..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"WoW! What a day.."

Well I sure had a long day today! I'm about to knock the fuck out right now. As soon as I got off work, I get a call from my girl as she's crying on the phone telling me that she just got in a car accident! A fricken bus side swipes her driver side! Yes I said a BUS!!!! I was really scared because she is also 8 months pregnant with our son. But thank God my girl and our baby wasn't harmed. She was a bit shakin up, but who wouldn't be after a BIG ass BUS hits your little ass civic!!!! But like a warrior she kept her composure. She even drove her self back home as she followed me on the freeway! She's tough dude!!!! And that's why I love her..

Today I learned that life throws un-expected things at you with a blink of an eye. Even if you get into an arguement with your significant other that very same day,always make sure to let them know that you love them before you walk out that door.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Summer's gone too soon.."

Well its almost that time to bust out those old Christmas lights again! Tis the season for a little change.. Actually a big change,well at least for me because my baby is due December 18th.Yay Merry Christmas to me.. Our little bundle of joy is almost here! Damn time fly's by when your having fun! Just like it did with the summer season,(Dear Summer..see you next year.)

We just got done eating at Bob's Pizza in Murrieta. I ordered a Chipotle chicken pizza. It was pretty damn good! That was our first time eating there, we'll be back! Plus they show UFC fights there for free! Well that's it for this blog, if your ever around the murrieta area, stop by and check out Bob's Pizza! Plus they have a little cool arcade area for the kids(and adults!)Peace!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Sean Stussy who grew up in southern california,started surfing in 1965 when he was only 10 years old. He took up surfing as the sport was gaining wide recognition in popular music and movies. By the age 13 Stussy started to design and shape his own surfboards. He was so talented he was hired by a surfboard manufacturer at the age of 15. After graduating high school he worked as a ski instructor at Mammoth Mountain. Aside from his interest in surfing and skiing, Stussy was further influenced by his love for punk rock music. He described his look as "prep meets punk meets beach boy" Stussy's goal was simply to produce a "wearable classic."
Sean Stussy paved the way for future up and coming designers. His designs go beyond the fabrics of his creation.. Stussy created a whole different world that was and still universal til this day.

"The land of the innovative..and weird"

What a weird and wonderful place Japan is. Check out these weird and funny collection of pics.

Lets dance honey!!!!


Creepy Ronald!!!!

Thanks for checking these pics out..hope you enjoyed them! Have a nice day..

"Music Sucks right now!!!!"

Whats going on with music these days? In my opinion, the music game has been watered down and diluted with poppy,mtv trl bull shit!!!! Music is never going to sound the same as it did back in the days and not even remotely close to the music in the 90's era. Music these days lacks that material which came from the artists hearts and minds. Now its just all about the same thing..

1. Makin money
2. Bitches and Hoes
3. The type of car you drive
4. The newest dance craze
5. Being in the club

Basically nothing that really matters, what happened to the good old days when music was all about making love or just having fun? I guess those days are fucking over! These days its all about trends! I see it everywhere, when im out running arrends or doing some shopping at the mall.. what do i see? Kids with tight ass multi-colored skinny jeans and bright colored t-shirts. Just like all the new music coming out right now, its just a fad.. its not going to last. Everybody has different taste in music and how they like to dress, but the new generation of up and coming artist's have nothing on the past! Some of the new stuff thats out is pretty good like KID CUDI,DRAKE,LMFAO,LIL WAYNE,NERD,THE COOL KIDS just to name a few artist's that i listen to.

"Music is an outburst of the Soul"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Dont follow the the one to lead!"

Theres just something special about this ek hatch that attracts me. Maybe the color scheme just compliments one another or maybe because this ek has a K20A2! When u look at this whip, you either love it or hate it! Its not for everbody.. but the owner of this ek is not everbody! Duy who resides in Australia is the proud owner of this "moon rock grey" civic. Much props Duy! Great Job!

To read more about Duys ek hatch go to

"To Be or Not To Be?"

Wow what a long day .. work sucked as always but i gotta pay the bills ya digg? So whats the topic for tonight? Well me and the fam bam just got done playing UNO, that game is way fun when your playing with like four or five peeps! I guess tonight was a family game night ha ha! Speaking of UNO the first one to put all their cards down wins, you have to match the colors or numbers. Speaking of uno.. i think the number one MMA fighter in the world right now is Fedor Emelianenko most definitely. Last nights StrikeForce bout proved he is still a beast and its going to take someone great to beat him at his game!
Fedor beats Rogers in the second round with a devastating right hand knock out! ALL the fans watched and scratched their heads as Rogers hits the floor with his first lost, with his new record 10-1! "Ouch!"
All i really have to say is that Fedor is Badass!!!! To all you UFC fans dont forget to watch UFC 105 COUTURE VS. VERA
This match is scheduled for November 14 which airs on Spike tv for free!!!! Yes i said free bitch!!!! This fight should be interesting, i cant wait to see it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Deja Vu"

And im not talking about the strip club you perverts!!!! Lol! Have you ever had deja vu? I swear i've seen a blog like twice on my own page. What is the meaning of a Deja Vu?

1. Psychology. The illusion of already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.

a. An impression of having seen or experienced something before.

b. Dull familiarity

I've had a few deja vu experiences in my life time.. and im sure you have too! I thought to myself "didnt i just see this, earlier?" I wasnt sure if it was real or just a figment of my imagination. But whatever it was.. that shit was crazy!

Deja Vu touches on the whole question of forgetting a memory, as well as the question of true and false from the psychoanalytic point of view.

With that in mind, I have one question.. "Where the fuck is Waldo?"